Prerequisites- Which level am I?

So what level suits you best?

With this package you have access to the strength and conditioning classes which are mixed ability however you also have access to the tutorials package. But what level tutorials/ live classes would suit you best?

For most of my classes I teach a mixed level to make sure everyone has a challenge. I am used to giving lots of easier and harder variations. So for example as an advanced pole dancer you may still enjoy some of the intermediate content. But below is a rough guide of moves you should be able to do or are working towards. But the beauty of this platform is you have access to all levels. So if you are having a day where you want to do something easier you can!

Please note this is a rough guide. Always get in contact if unsure.


My idea of beginner is more of a higher level beginner. So if you are brand new to pole this platform is not the ideal class for you. However if you are inverting and working on some of the basics this class is for you.

  • Climbs
  • Sits on the pole/ Cross knee laybacks
  • Basic spins
  • Invert/ crucifix
  • Genie from floor
  • Outside and inside leg hang


This level class will have a range of intermediate and higher intermediate options to suit a number of different levels.

  • Inverts
  • Leg hangs
  • Butterfly
  • Genie
  • Brass Monkey


In this level class you can expect to see some more advanced tricks and sequences however all tricks which are taught on this platform are for home training so will be catered to be safe for training at home.

  • Air inverts
  • Brass Monkey
  • Leg Hangs
  • Shouldermounts
  • Ayeshas/ Handsprings

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