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The ultimate package for the untimate POLE DESTROYER! This package will give you everthing you need to be set up for success.

You will have full access to both packages. That's all the live strength and conditioning sessions, access to the back catalogue of previous sessions, access to the 31 day challenge videos, access to all online tutorials and live pole tricks classes every month. This subscription is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any point. There is no commitment period and you can cancel at any time.

BUT THERES MORE! As an Ultimate Pole Destroyer you will have access to bonus guest instructor workshops! This package will make you not just part of an online platform but part of a comminity! Head to the "coming up this month" section below and check out whats coming up.

Ultimate Pole Destroyer Curriculum

  Bonus Content
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days after you enroll
  Guest Workshops
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days after you enroll

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Q- How many classes do we get as part of this package?


A-   Each package varies on how many LIVE classes it offers. The best thing to do in order to see how many live classes are on offer is to look at the curriculum and click on “Coming up this month” and it will show you what we have on for the next month of classes for that particular package.

Q- Do you offer paypal?

A- Yes I do. However, because teachable doesnt support the paypal subscriptions function on here I have to do it off platform and you then recieve a code to register for your course. But if you have a card it is MUCH easier to do it via card. If you are interested in paypal please email me on [email protected]

Q- Once my subscription ends will I keep access to the classes I took part in?

A- Unfortunately no. Once your subscriptuon ends you will lose access to all content until you re-subscribe.

Q- How often will I be charged?

A- This subscription is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any point. There is no commitment period and you can cancel at any time.

Q- If I start mid month will I be paying for a full month but only recieve half the month of classes?

A- No, the beauty of this website is you can start at any point and you pay for a month from the date you sign up. So if you sign up on the 15th your month will be 15th-15th.


Q- What is the cancellation policy?


A-   There is no commitment period so this is a rolling monthly subscription you can cancel at any time.


Q- If I cancel will I still see all of the content I had access to that month?


A-   Unfortunately you will only have access to content while subscribed to a course.


Q- Are all the live classes recorded?


A-   All classes are recorded so this platform is perfect for people who aren’t in the UK time zone.


Q- Will there be classes to suit other time zones?


A-   If you take a look at the “Coming up this month” tab it will list all the times and I try my best to try and change up the class times so that people from all time zones can come and join in live from time to time. And for those who can’t make it the classes are uploaded within 2 hours after the class.